pretty dub harp... (free mp3!)

Track Name:
pdharp - pretty dub harp (3)

Producers Name:
Kelvin Mead

Drum and Bass

Track length:
6 mins 21 seconds

Track file size:
5.85 MB (6,144,673 bytes)

Download, see below.

Difficulty to make (1-10):
4, hmmm... self assesing! it took the best part of 4 weeks, approximately 3 hours every 2 days... about... (cue calculator) bout 100 hours.

Grade of your own Track (1-10)
very good! i'd say out of my tunes then this rates about a 7, its nice.

it started life as a maelstrom patch (reason), tweaked and played with and then just let teh rhythms flow! the timing was tweaked with later as it was playing at 155ish bpm, but i wanted something a little speedier... this came out at 165. i like to play with sounds and rhythms, and usually, i cater for my self and noone else, creating all my own rhythms, basslines, synths and etc. the only bit not done by myself is the vocal snippet (4 secs long!). i will push myself onto vocals eventually, but my writing skills leave a LOT to be desired.

please turn the volume up, bass on and let the tune flow.


[download - wma]