Pressing a scratch record


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if you were just discussing the process then thats fine

but by offering a break-through service such as "ever-lasting dub plates", by attempting to sell this service, you are going to come under scrutiny such as my post above.

so its not a question of behaviour. its a matter of me giving you some incentive and oppurtinity to prove your product and method, as well as a a firm nudge to get on and do it!

i note with some small interest that you didnt attempt to address ANY of the issues i raised however.

and regarding magazine articles... heh. look my company has built midi controllers before and that showed us how eager magazines are to publish articles on gear they havent even tested/seen let alone verified that it isnt just vaporware/fraud, so no, im not impressed on that front.

so again.... if you want to step up to some facts id love the hear it. as i said, we of the engineering ilk are always eager to see old techniques (this case vinyl lathing) updated for a new market. not to mention how cool "ever lasting dub plates" would be in general.


@ vinylcarvers.. yeah your dubs might last forever but my friend told me they have a bit of wow and flutter.. which actually makes sense to me seeing as you use a 1210 as the platter compared to a fuckin huge one on a cutting machine thats like the thickness of a whole turntable..

so the bottom line is.. yeah your shit is for real.. but its got wow and flutter LOL,

so for tunes i'd say no no... but for scratch records it sounds like a perfect solution


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:wave: we could spend a lot of time defending ourselves - simply cause we've come up with sthg new, funny

NIGHTWALKER - pls tell your friend to contact us, we've never had such a complaint
would like to investigate, honestly
and - if it's true - gonna cut him a new one, of course
can't be the 1210 as the motor is not in use, was too weak for our needs
most dance vinyls we play are more wavily than ours

DSAMP - a discussion requires listening, not just offending
if you'd like to find out more details pls follow the links to other forums on our webpage
all your issues are explained there, the world is not spinning around you, go for some yoga or sthg

btw, we're engineers and producers ourselves
we have a SSL 4040 which we refurbished ourselves
sold a million records over the past 10 years - though the stuff is very different to what we produce now :)
think we had double platinum in australia

does this include us in your 'engineering ilk'?

so no time to do proper webpages at this stage

KLUSTA - pls email us your address, gonna send you one - so u can judge
if you email us a 1min sample mp3 we could cut that as well


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will check the forums links then, but thats pretty lame man, come on get your marketing chops together

an ssl nice. still, doesnt have anything to do with your lathe

will stick to czech republic and corduroy australia for our vinyl, where they have real lathes.

ps, you wouldnt need to "defend" yourselves like you say if you were clear and honest straight up. :whipem:


@ Kluster

I may be a bit late on this conversation but i have had a few 'Battle Weapons' released (me and Stu C4C did them) and so i know a little bit about all this....

If you want you can contact me on -

and i will be able to give you some help with the manafacturing and costs etc...

if you wanna get in touch via e mail i have a few things that may be of interest to you mate.



I have had to plates cut with this company and have had no problems with them at all, in fact I have been quite impressed with the quality and will use them again.

If you need proof there is a review done by myself on this site and my own, which has audio sample and pictures of the wave.


I agree they could do more with marketing and the such but I got to be honest mate and this may be due to reading rather than hearing you speak it, but you came across as rude and arrogant. Again if your unsure you can check my review but final decision lays with yourself....


I would recommend the 1mm scratch vinyl they do for your scratch record, its flexible so you havent got a problem with warping over time and fucking light, plus being transparent you can mark the reverse.


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AT the end of the day , a normal cutting lathe, be it neumann or vestax or what ever would not be able to cut straight to vinyl, The prcoess must involve heat, I have seen vinylcarvers posts on many sites and i have not seen anything negative about them yet execept for people who have not used them. I get my vinyl and dubs done the normal way but this idea is very good as long as the mastering is spot on, If it is then I would rather pay 50 to test something then 300 to get laquers, plating and stampers made.

just my 2 cents


Dog Vs Cat Muda Fxka
This is TOBOR. Producer, mixologist, turntablist from Akron Ohio, USA. I am signed to Intolerance Records. DJ MekaDogg and I produced DOG VS CAT SCRATCH BATTLE LIMITED EDITION GOLD VINYL RECORD Round 1. We are currently under review with Thud Rumble, distributors of the infamous DIRT STYLE Scratch Records. You can buy DOG VS CAT through or on eBay. We only pressed 300. Our company messed up on our first batch of test pressings, so there are ten black vinyl, yellow label with a skip on the cat side. So then they had to recut the glass masters. They were pissed but we were all glad that it was noticed before we gave the OK to press all of them. The next time they sent us 15 black vinyl, blank white label test pressings which were all good. From that point we received 304 orange vinyl with the standard D Vs C label. The reason there were 304 instead of 300 is because when they shut the huge, heavy machine off, it still continues pressing records until it loses all of it's momentum. So 4 became promos and the other 300 were individually hand numbered. As for production we decided to make all breaks and beats exactly 120 bpm on both sides. The idea being that if you have two copies, you could battle the Dog against the Cat and the beats would seamlessly meld together with no trim adjustment. The beats on the dog side are either breaks from old hip hop beats and synth sounds put together in dope ass instrumentals, or drum machine in origin. The cat side contains live drum loops or drum machine and sequenced synth. Both sides of course are completely laden with both esoteric and semi-common vocal samples and synth sounds. Also we sampled my cat X0m496 and MekaDog's dog Juddah. What you WON'T find on this record are any scratch samples that you've heard on any other scratch record. No ahh's, no Fresh, no whistle from Buggin, etc., etc., ad naseum. Anyway.... my actual purpose in posting is because I know a dude who just got a cutter and he can cut dubs all day. One at a time up to 50. What now?


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