Premier League 08/09 Thread


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Jun 23, 2007

13:45 Arsenal FC - West Bromwich Albion
16:00 Bolton Wanderers - Stoke City
16:00 Middlesbrough FC - Tottenham Hotspur
16:00 West Ham United - Wigan Athletic
16:00 Everton FC - Blackburn Rovers
16:00 Hull City - Fulham FC
18:30 Sunderland AFC - Liverpool FC
14:30 Chelsea FC - Portsmouth FC
16:00 Aston Villa - Manchester City
17:00 Manchester United - Newcastle United

What do you expect?? I think tottenham will be one of the bigger teams this season.
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Joey AdhD

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Apr 2, 2008
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Hope Liverpool pull their finger out, they have the team to do it, but if last night was anything to go by we are fucked...

last night was a fuckin embarrassment to all liverpudlians, I hope Rafa sorts it for the Prem


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Mar 27, 2008
I'm an Arsenal supporter, an awful one at that, i hope they do better than last season and not enough purchases as well considering some key players left or sidelined-Nasri looks pretty promising though, and another signing expected before late August, so that should be interesting
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Greg P

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Jan 16, 2008
Tottenham? Pfft...

Spurs aint got no firepower up front this season, yeah I know they got some new talent recently but seriously man have you seen them? They look like schoolboys...

Personally I think we can expect better things from Newcastle this season, but then I would say that as they're my team...


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Jun 2, 2008

luton town fc lol?

firstly i agree with greg, i think we ca see atleast a top 6 finish from the toon this season, i epected it last season and it didnt happen, i also thought tottenham were top 5 last season but they just played awful. if we manage to make the signing of berbatov from them then i think theyre pretty fucked but then again they will have 20+ mil to spend then so who knows..
as for hull ans stoke.. i hope one survives.. just for jokes. im picturing this at the end of the season:

1st - Man united =]
2nd - Arsenal
3rd - Liverpool
4th - Villa
5th - Chelsea ( i rekon theyll fuck it this year i really do.)
6th Newcastle
7th totenham

but then again i like to be different so well see.


May 22, 2008
I hope any one other than Manure or Chelscum win the premiership just to make a change, and I hope we dont leave till the last day again staying up on goal difference I dont think my nerves can take that all over again this year. Johnson and Bobby ZEEEE should sort that out though!

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1. Man Utd
2. Liverpool
3. Arsenal
4. Everton
5. Portsmouth
6. Aston Villa
7. Chelsea (<-- (n)(n) out of champs & uefa cups)
8. Tottenham

something like that i reckon this year.. i hope Liverpool do well and Portsmouth have a great manager (y).

you all wanna watch out next year cos Reading will be back.....

and the year after that Leeds Utd will detroy all haha
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