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Mar 2, 2007
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Artist(s): Facing Jinx & Philth
Track(s): Midnight Son / Fly Away / Perfect Secret Feat Loz Contreras / Be Strong
Release Date: Monday November 22, 2010

Facing Jinx (now PPR International’s label manager) first made waves in 2008 with his debut single Ready b/w I Know. The following year, he and veteran producer/DJ Philth joined forces and released Hidden Beauty b/w Miss Understanding. Since then, the two have been slaving away in the studio to perfect their sound. The Midnight Son EP proves beyond all doubt that they have succeeded.Buy it or we’ll swipe your shoes & tell everyone you suck.

The production team reveals a sensual musicality on the EP’s title track Midnight Son. Crisp drums carry lush pads and sprinkling keys to the breakdown, dropping with a melancholy vocal hook. Craving a moody yet uplifting sound? Look no further.

Fly Away launches straight into swirling Rhodes and bright amens. Subtle melodic changes herald an imminent drop into a deep, textured groove. Propelled by ethereal vocals and smooth bass movement, this cut is pure dancefloor business.

Only cool people would read this far.

Fledgling Leeds producer Loz Contreras joins our heroes on this luscious beast. Perfect Secret swells into a sexy instrumental call-and-response session between wavering keys and tasty trumpets. Peppered with female vocals, this is a perfectly languid selection when it’s time to keep it hush.

The percussive voluptuousness of Be Strong signifies a departure from its rolling counterparts. Its slow ascent to a spacious breakdown with syncopated stabs, haunting horns, and dense atmospheres will floor you. This bit is all heavenly, minimal groove rounded out by soulful vocals and evolving instrumentation. Drop with confidence.

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