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Sep 1, 2008

So I recently sold some CDs to pay for my vinyl obsession and I was just going over my list of outnow/forthcoming tunes to see what I should grab during the next online purchase. Basically What Im looking to you guys for is other recommendations for similair tunes new,old or forthcoming.

Heres what I'm eyeing so far:

1) Rufige Kru - Memoirs Of An Afterlife : a) Sometime Sad Day b) Something About You (D Bridge remix) c) Babylon 2012 d) Mirror (ft. D Bridge) : Metalheadz, METH011LP

2) Loxy : Shell shock (feat Matt-U) / Silver steez (feat Gremlinz) - Cylon Records, CYLONUK 001

3) Code 3 : Delta / Escape Hatch : Shogun Limited, SGNLTD014

4) Instra:mental : No future / Dbridge : Wonder Where

5) Instra:mental : Thugtronik / Thugtronika : Exit Records, EXIT014

6) Sabre / Data : Riverside (Zero T remix) / Blowpipe : Lucky Devil, LUCKYDEVIL 005

7) Break : Isis / Traits (Remix) : Symmetry Recordings, SYMM004

So yeah, if you can recommend any tunes Id be quite grateful.

All of the above


Sabre- Original Sin/ The Crest [Critical]
Data- Causeway/ Delicate [Influence]
Instra:mental- Sepia Tones EP [Darkestral]

10 perfect releases + 1 happy customer :)
judging from your list there, try these...

the new blocks and escher piece on horizons, you'll like that, but i forget the name.
anything by naibu, there's a few pieces floating around.
like alex said, the survival album is good, but some of his single releases on dispatch and revolution have been better imo, look out for the omega king ep he did with sabre on that label. in fact anything on revolution recordings, i think you'll love.
pretty much anything on critical recordings as well.
loxy and isotone - ancients and b/w shodan, you'll feel that if you like the loxy and matt u piece on your list.
vicious circle - havana on digital soundboy.

i hope that gives you enough to go on and doesn't bankrupt you in the process.
Thanks all,

Ive already grabbed omega king and that shodan/ancients 12' but I havnt looked into the survival lp yet.

I also had added the Sepia tones ep after posting this, but Im still not 100% on it, only feeling half the tunes on there.

This being said Ill check out everyhting else listed by you guys.

Thanks alot for the quick and great feedback,

Ill post a mix with these tunes or ones close in style soontime.
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