POTD In Winnipeg, Canada - Review!


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May 25, 2003
I figured I'd post a review of the craziest DJ'ing I've ever been witness to. On Sunday, June 15th 2003 a production company in Winnipeg, Canada called Harmonic Elements brought in the Planet of The Drums tour. Now, 2 years ago I flew to Calgary to see the tour, which was amazing. But nothing could have prepared me for the complete insanity of this night. The party was held in the basement of a club called The Avenue, it was a tight, intimate atmosphere with a max capacity of 300, which was almost instantly filled. After well rounded sets by various locals, the Crew wen't up at about 1:00am. They didn't at all play separate sets, instead, they all tagged back and forth for about 4 hours. The selection was unheard of, namely DSL's. The mixing was unspeakably sick, which the three of them rotating 2-3 tunes at a time and one of them on a third deck at any given time as well. I feel as though I should stop dj'ing because there is no way I will ever be this good, but I won't, it was humbling but totally inspiring. They brought the crowd to a point of frenzy where it seemed things could go terribly wrong, it was completely savage and I don't think I will ever forget it. I guess everyone wants to know what the selection entailed, there were various dubs off Human Imprint, which were reckognizable. Screamer was dropped, there was a D&B/Heavy Metal tune dropped and no it wasn't Slayer by Concord dawn. It was totally different, perhaps a remix, but I've never heard it before. Aside from that there was some trancey stuff at the end which may have been Rascal and Klone but once again, even as an established enthusiast, didn't reckognize any of it. I am completely blown away, I haven't really wanted to listen to any of the CD's in my car because nothing measures up anymore. SO MUCH FUCKING RESPECT!

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