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For some reason whenever I post a mix in the mixes section, it tells me the post needs moderating before it will be visible. Often it takes days or doesn't ever appear. Is there any reason for this? I have obviously read the FAQ post but my posts certainly don't constitute spam (a mix with track listing, description and one link.) Posting mixes on a DnB forum is more of a necessity than a luxury! :)



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It's the forum's Anti-Spam software b2b me missing out on approving your posts. Nothing personal.

If you receive a message stating your post is awaiting moderation when trying to create a new thread or post it’s because we have strict anti-spam filters monitoring all posts.The filter is set off when you create posts that have spam-like content or very little content and many links.
The best way to avoid detection by the filter is to become a real part of our community by discussing the music, providing genuine feedback on mixes and tunes, introducing yourself if you’re new, and joining the banter in the Waffle forum! Do this before advertising your event, release, music or website and it will go a long way to avoiding these annoying messages.
If your post is marked for moderation we will take a look at approving your post within 24-48 hours. However if you have posted spam-like content, posted in the wrong forum, or posted duplicate content it will most likely be deleted without warning.
All the best and good luck avoiding detection!