post your favourite songs!

Ganja Fiend

i bet theres been a thread like that somewhere but i cant find it so im gonna open up this one :P if you know where the other one is delete this and tell me where it is ;)

rainforest - dillinja
death start - heist
call to prayer - chase & status (how do you call this kind of synth basslines or whatever this is u know what i mean?^^)
hardnoize - dillinja (of course )
up all night - john b
foreigner - dj fresh (this track is sick!)
vault - pendulum
captured - heist
space station crew - cyantific
catherine wheel - skynet
piss fiend - the upbeats
arrakis - black sun empire (full volume/bass needed for sure!)
ganja man - aphrodite & deadly hunta
silicon dawn - bad company
twilight - aphrodite
capone - tudor rose
pink panther - dj fresh
x project - dj fresh
mash up the place (dj hazard remix) - dj hype
hanging rock - london elektricity
vibesbringer (60 channels remix) - navigator
diplodocus - noisia (crazy ass track :P)
another planet - pendulum
hold on (sub focus remix) - rusko & amber coffman
kumon kumon - rusko (i know rusko is a dubstep dj but this is clearly dnb)
L.A.O.S - panda style

and if you like dubstep aswell you need to check out murder - vaski

well thats almost everything i got in my itunes playlist... :P enjoy



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Not a big Brian Eno fan but check out this video at 2m11 for the Orbital comparison...

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All they were missing were the pills lol!
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I'm going to post my favourite songs as the thread title suggest!
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Ganja Fiend

SS lighter is a fucking BOMB!
al green - lets stay together is a nice song thats true
but this is the dnb forum and were in the dnb only section so wtf are you guys doing :D