Post Events and News with Cyber Groove!!

Post Events and News with Cyber Groove!!

Greetings from Cyber Groove Productions! We have been entertaining crowds and informing them for 4 years now within the electronic music scene more focused on Drum and Bass/BreakBeat Culture music and we want to continue doing so at a much greater rate therefore if you would like to be part of Cyber Groove's event listing/News page please send all your info to --

The event page is just what it is -- send your event in a plain text no matter the state it is located in.

The News page will focus on news that the public would want to know about such as new record labels or exsisting record labels releases etc. Send really anything to me and if I see it fit I'll post it, if not well I guess this is a sorry in advance.

The Cyber Groove Site will be redesigned pretty soon so get ready for the launch of the new site which will benefit us all.

Also to let you know there is a new event posting site as well out there that is simple to use. Please check out and use it!

Thank you on behalf of the Cyber Groove Family.

Cyber Groove Productions