Post Clash of the Titans Thread


Apr 1, 2003
brixton academy = :gun: :lighter: :applause: :rasta:

that was the first time i'd been to that venue, and i was not disappointed!! got there at about 8.30-9 and there was a total of about 4 people in the whole place, which made the main arena look fuckin huge, which it was, and i think SS was playing to practically nobody. then about 7 more people turned up to see goldie, and by about 11.30 when all the pubs and that closed, the place was pretty packed. the sound system was really good imo, nice and clear. dynamite's live ting was well good, although i think the sudden change to hip hop might have confused a few people!
Upstairs in the renegade hardware bit, it was just like a long corridor so there wasn't really very much of a dancefloor, but it was good to get away from the main arena for a bit. The vibe was quite different in the RH room, and gave a nice contrast to the huge packed out main arena. i saw ak1200 and dara playing when i got up there, followed by damage who played a particularly nasty set, then the badman raiden stepped up to keep everyone dancin until the end. it was a shame the cd player wasnt working during his set, cos some of his dubs atm wud have smashed that place up good and proper!! also he had to finish his set early, which was a shame, but can't complain it was a wicked night anyway. there were also so many bars there that it didnt take long at all to get a drink, which was a bonus, and although killa kela and marky didnt turn up, i had a proper good time and it seemed like everyone else did too, so big up the TOV crew for a fuckin blindin night!!

I thought it was a bit crap personally.

Downstairs weren't too bad early on - good sets from Goldie, Loxy & Bad Company but once Skibadee and Shabba came on about 3 it sucked.

After the crapness that was the RH corridor last year was expecting a decent room this time round but once again it was in a corridor with a system about half as loud as my stereo. Good music and stuff but really couldn't get into. Takes the piss a bit really seeing as how much it cost.

Gonna stick to RH nights from now on, at least they can organise that properly :2thumbs:
yeah the RH bit shud have been in an actual room innit. i pretty much left the main arena when skibba and shabba got there and someone else paid for my ticket :teeth:
I gotta agree, personally i couldn't believe the amount of people in there? There was enough room to lay down on the dance-floor. I got there at about 12. Paid £30 to get in and saw the end of BC, Shy Fx played an alright set with some good tunes.

His first tune that Hype plays out too. If someone could ID this one for us please. I travelled all the way down from Milton Keynes to see one DJ and the "Shemon Mother-Fu@ker" didn't even turn up. I was well dissapointed when Dillinja didn't step up, he would have probably killed everything with his tunes. This really pissed me off and i had to listen to a set of Loxy which i don't really tickle me fancy. :shake:

I must admit i went to Fabric for the True Playaz night on Friday, and that was absolutely amazing. Hype's 2 hour set was just the bollocks, never seen anything like it. :not_worth

Just goes to show that all these big events and these big arena'a aren't all there cracked up to be.

:rave: Major event for everyone -

Dillinja + Lemon D Album Launch Party @ Coronet on the 19th September, 9pm - 6pm. Valve Sound System Baby!! He heeeeee...
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