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    Im just wondering how other forum users go about inspiring themselves to make music. What is your workflow when you cant really get anything down? do you give up for the day or a week and then go back? If you suffer from this i might have the answer. Or at least some ideas to get you away from the PS4 or procrastinating in general.

    Firstly im only putting this up to help people so dnt troll im just throwing out my workflow (considered odd by most friends) but i find this method has served me well over the past year.

    So your not in the mood or you cant be arsed or you feel like shit... I always find these are the best times to make music i force myself to do something anything, and im not talking about watching a tut... i rarely watch them at all i just get on my PC and mess around. I load my DAW up and throw down some sort of drum pattern anything... any BPM... any genre. Just make sure i do it almost every day sometimes i can only bare an hour but an hours better than fuck all right? And when ive got that hour done i think right ill watch some shit or play BF4 for a bit or go out for a while whatever, but later i think ok wonder what crap i produced earlier... Load that DAW up again and set about some changes or mabye a pad over those drums and before i know it im locked for a few hours. Although my stuff is very simple i still feel if i get a nice melody and some drum work done ive done something.

    A real good tip i think people might benefit from is to think of your songs as... well... as said before my mates find this odd but this is what works for me. I think of my songs as part of a mix or dare i say a Pink Floyd album so i get an intro done for the ideas i have in head and keep the DAW open and mix my next track into last one keeping things in same feel but obviously a different song. Different drums infact almost everything different except mabye a back ground melody thats hardly noticeable yet still it has the same thoughts in mind as last song, then rinse and repeat... i suppose thats kind of hard to explain but its how i look at it and really i have hundreds of choons just sitting waiting to be finished.


    But heres where i FAIL hard i just keep making more songs and never go back to them ideally id like to work them all up to V3.01 a finished song and completely mastered. But i leave them at V1.10... save the files and rename the last version V2.01. So obviously i feel content with my core ideas but adding that extra something like FX i dont even do it. And since im trying to up my BPM to 170 i need FX and subtle variations etc. the BOC style i always do doesnt really need it as much as dnb does.

    So should i go back to tutorials mabye start from scratch? Or mabye cheat a little and load a song into my DAW and see how they are doing it? (never really been keen on that idea i like to keep things my way... but) whats your workflow like? Do you even understand what im saying here lmao? Gawd i even got bored of making this video and just faded it out.

    I made this song in a few hours today basic ideas and simple drums i like it but got bored half way through and decided id try a bit mastering on the song as it was... found myself reasonably happy with that so threw a video over it out of some crap footage i have lying about. All this done in a few hours exc bounces. I done as i said left house for a bit visit friends came back done some more its my basic daily workflow but why cant i take music up a notch.

    This started of as a post offering help now im looking for it lol.

    Regardless mabye people could share some of their secrets regarding the matter? could help a lot of us in here including myself... Wait especially myself.
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