Portsmouth - 28/05 - Ugly Beats - Ebola (Wrong Music) / Eso-One & more

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    EBOLA (Wrong Music/Mutant Sniper/Proboscus/Spectraliquid)

    Ebola started making electronic music in 2000 using a walkman with a pitch control and some Commodore 64 loading tapes. He moved to Brighton in 2001 and formed the Wrong Music crew with DJ Scotch Egg, Roger Species and Shitmat, a crew which have gone on to host parties all over the world and entertain the chalet casualties via BFTV at the legendary Bangface Weekender.

    Realising his walkman was holding him back, in 2006 Ebola brought a computer and was soon doing live sessions for Rob da Bank on Radio 1, rinsin' out at the Glade Festival and basically began to establish and develop his low-frequency, glitched-out “grime-core” sound.

    Since then he has taken his explosive live set all over the UK, Europe and America. These days Ebola’s live sets are aimed at the dancefloor and take in many “bass-oriented” styles from dubstep to dancehall, breakcore to booty-techno, crunk, grime and gabba, a mucky showcase of his complete lack of ability to stick to any one genre or tempo. Mashitup. http://www.myspace.com/ebolawrongmusic

    ESO-ONE (subbassfm.com)

    Eso-One first ever CD was Fat Boy Slim's 'Youve Come A Long Way Baby', and that is certainly what he has done. Years on he found himself falling deep into beatdown metal bands such as Slipknot, Slayer, Amen and Soulfly. As his fondness of electronic music increased in bpm he got into djing jump-up dnb and it wasn't long before he bored of it's generic sound and linked it back to the darkside with his discovery of darkstep and technical dnb. Nowadays his record bag is filled with the likes of Current Value, Donny, Lucio De Remanez, Counterstrike, Limewax, Raiden, Cooh and The Panacea. Prepare to be slapped a good one, and here's a taster... http://soundcloud.com/eso-one/eso-one-presents-session-one

    TheeIdeeuhtDansKuhmpuhnee (THE IDIOT DANCE COMPANY)

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. A brand spanking new project rocking out their first live set, TheeIdeeuhtDansKuhmpuhnee sees local bassline pussclart Buju Ben and Wilberforce Malaise of Rusty Sheriff and Friends and Swampglow local fame bash their nuts together and spew out a variety of amen riddled, glitched out electronica bangers laden with ragga and hiphop acapellas and snippets from the big screen and lil box. Fill your ears - http://soundcloud.com/theidiotdancecompany

    As usual, residents FOTZA and UDY will be starting things off nicely, Udy feeding yous lots a bunch of rave and techno from past and present and Fotza spilling his sack of wobbly electronica and wrong breakstep.

    Room 2 - KAMIGATA POP

    Not happy with a just a main room set, the one they call UDY is also bringing his filthy 4/4 electronic wall of sound to room 2 with the help of co-pilot DAVE SAUNDERS. Guesting their box and giving the hosts time to do their hair at some stage in the evening is Kiss My Bass resident and techfunk warlord NEIL DOC. Expect big fuzzy basslines and buildups a plenty from the K-Pop corner. Ya 'erd.

    FRIDAY MAY 28TH / 8PM - 1AM
    @ THE BARN (behind The Milton Arms)



    £3 BEFORE 9PM / £5 AFTER

    **Courtyard area
    **Fully soundproofed & air conditioning
    **UV Decor & intelligent lighting / laser show
    **Booming chunky soundsystem

    Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117038258312193&ref=ts