Poor December Mix From Bachelors Of Science


Aug 18, 2010
I'd say, and I'm sure you'd agree, that Bachelors of Science have a pretty good profile in regards to the industry that is d'n'b, especially after the last few years with 'Science Fiction', 'Song For Lovers' etc. So I'm sure you can also understand that I was excited when I saw that they had released a December Mix on Soundcloud. So I downloaded it, loaded it onto my chosen media device and had a listen on the train. To my horror I then thought, I wouldn't of put MY name on this! OK the tunes are good, but (and excuse me for ranting) the beat matching is clearly out at more than 1 point, there's a horrible 8 bar mix and the tunes are pretty much just faded in and out on the top and tails.... Surely if your a prime artist, you want to be putting out prime material?

OK, so maybe this was a set recorded from live event, where lets be honest, you can get away with a lot more, but come on guys, how much effort would it take to release a seamless studio mix? You're supposed to be up there with the best, and surely being big audio stylists and all, you can tell the difference between beat matched, and slightly out? You know it, I know it, and the bottom line is they know it, yet there it is.



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