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Which bassline is better?

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Mr Fletch

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Hi guys and gals. So some of you may have heard my latest project called devotion. However, alot of the feedback given was about the bassline, and how it just didnt seem to fit the track.

So, after listening repeatedly I also agree with this, so created 4 different versions of the track, all with different basslines. I cannot however decide which one fits the track the best, and need some fresh ears on the subject.

I figured what better way to do this than post up a poll to see what the majority of us think is best.

I will leave this poll up until friday, and the track with the most votes will be the final version, which I will also throw up for free download as a way of saying thank you.

So, on to the tracks.

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4


gomby plz
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version one, interspersed with some of version 4 i think? both good... 2 & 3 a bit gash i'm affraid mate! the only thing i can say about 1 is when the bass seems to raise a little in the cut off so more higher freqs. come through, doesn't sound right, i say keep it low?!

use 1 & 4 so you have variation (y)

big ups too man, you've come a long way sinec i last heard a tune ;)


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lowpass 1, highpass 4, layer and use 3 at end of bars. basically. none of them strike me as particularly sexy but an amalgamation of them could be nice


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this is what i was saying about finding the perfect bass riff before, you get the best sounds and complete the rest of the tune but the bass just has so many options none of them seem right...

my advice would be try and keep it simple and effective mate, i would reach for something dark/liquid/sinister in this tune i think that could make it roll very nicely. tbh the riff you have in these is quite cheery and happy dappy which aint really my thing