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for about an hour now ive had the same 3 hands... give or take a few..

Q7, K5, J7

doing my head in.

Greg P

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Yeah I play a fair bit, not so much online as I aint got a computer at home, but play a lot of games in real life... Genereally Holdem tournaments, anything from 18 to 80 runners...

I'm OK, but don't really get enough paractice in to really imrove - best I ever did was 5th in a tourney of around 70+

Only picked up around 50 notes for that though as it was only a tenner buy in with a really steep payout structure... Worst thing is I think I could have one it, but was happy enough to take the 50 at the time so pushed with a K8 os... even though my M was way up there so there was no need... we live and learn!