PLUSHLP01 feat. Various-`Plush Compilation 01`


May 4, 2003
Denver, CO
Plush Recordings presents...

Various - Plush Compilation 01

Denver label Plush Recordings proudly present a decidedly plump retrospective of their
output from the past two years. Across the count`em 36 tracks some familiar names are
naturally present displaying the various slants on the Plush output - be it gloriously
liquid funk or half step hip hop embellishments to more atmospheric strands of the drum
and bass. Commencing in style with the jazzy textures of Contract Killers, the subsequent
and exhaustive selection contains highlights almost too numerous to pick out and thus our
best advice is to let you dig in and find your own favourites!

LABEL: Plush Recordings
ARTIST: Various
TITLE: Plush Compilation 01
GENRE: Liquid Funk / Atmospheric/Intelligent / Drum and Bass
RELEASE DATE: 2012-01-04

Contract Killers - The Life Moments (Soundwall Remix)
Mind Vortex - The Good Feelin (Original Mix)
Mr Explicit, Balistik - Philadelphia Sunrise (Original Mix)
Mr Explicit - DreamLine (Original Mix)
360 joYnt - Magnetic Forces (Original Mix)
Blueprint - Rhodes at Night (Original Mix)
Dynamic Stab - One Answer (Original Mix)
Furi Anga - Unknown Poetry (Original Mix)
Blue Motion - Dark Clouds (Original Mix)
B Fuse - Signal Intelligence (Original Mix)
Skyweep feat. Sunset Cafe and Katie Epworth - Light of Day (Mage Remix)
Defez - Emergency (Original Mix)
CHOOGA - Natural Sunburn (Original Mix)
Fractions and Zerbaman - Voices (Original Mix)
Zerbaman - Foundation (Original Mix)
Dj Taran - 25 Hours For You (Soundwall Remix)
Sammy H - So Strange (Original Mix)
This Chris - Just Another (Original Mix)
Cosmology - Melancholic Melodic (Original Mix)
Bad Habit - Hombre Pacifica (Original Mix)
SoulOscillator - Come to Me (Original Mix)
Echo Inada - This Is How I Feel (Original Mix)
Blueprint - Lost Notes (Original Mix)
CJ Styles - Lost Love (Original Mix)
Chooga - Ria (Original Mix)
Opuscape - Electro-convulsive Therapy (Original Mix)
Duoscience & Artomik - Intelligent (Original Mix)
SoundNbeats - Smoke (Original Mix)
Bluey - Synthetic Cycles (Original Mix)
NCQL - South by Southeast (Original Mix)
Emmeeji - Earworm (Original Mix)
Limit - Grey Sky of St. Petersburg (Original Mix)
DJ Barracuda - Passion (Original Mix)
T Leaf - Space Dive (Original Mix)
No Rules - Deep Water (Original Mix)
DJ Barracuda - Lustrous Clit (Original Mix)

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