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Donations for Tarzan development

Tarzan is a non-profit site. Everyone who works on the site gives up their spare time and receives no kind of monetary gain at all. The site is run by people who have a love for music and want to provide the public with a free, useful and up-to-date discography tool.

There are many developments planned for the site in the near future. Up until now it has been possible to run the site at a minimal cost to all involved. However, for many of these improvements to take place some form of financial input may be needed.

Advertising and banners will not be introduced to the site. The site will remain free to use with no third party content. In order to keep the site getting better donations would be more than welcome. If you would like to help the site to develop then a donation would be hugely appreciated. All donors will be given credit on the new site.

ALL money received through these donations will 100% be used for the site itself, for example:
  • Software (UltraEdit for coding, Navicat for MySQL)
  • Domain Name (Secure the new domain name for longer period)
  • Hosting (Eventually adding audio clips)
If you want to help out go here.


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