Please ID this tune! (no samples in it so its tough)


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Sep 12, 2006
The original tune, I do not even have anymore. Its only in my head now. This tune had no vocal samples in it at all it was just a tune, which is why I have never known what it was called.

The irony is I know I had it on vinyl myself back in the day around 1992!

So I did the next best thing and made a recreation of how the tune goes (in Propellerhead Reason).

Sorry, all I have is this "recreated" tune, this is NOT the original tune it is just "the way the tune goes" listen, its only a 200Kb file, really short... it was a massive tune back in the day I am sure plenty of peeps here will recognize it right away, especially the spaced out bass hits...

Thanks in advance.
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37 views and no one knows! :clown:

Its such a tune as well. Unique.

While im here does anyone know how to access the latest "OLDSCHOOL 88 94" room on Soulseek?
Why? Thats exactly how the tune goes.

If I whistled Beethoven you'd know its Beethoven without it being on a violin. :p
Shit a brick, how can no one know?

I guess I am stuck in the past, I mean it is from 1992 after all.
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