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I am not new to dnb production but am new to just using software-based production tools (used to use my trusty Emu) but am really stuck on what is pbly a basic question and would be SO grateful for any help. Basically, I have a break loop which I have aleady saved to 170bpm in Acid. Now I want to cut up the break and move it around to create my own loop. I have tried 2 ways and keep getting stuck on the same bit. So first I have just imported it as an audio track straight into Cubase (set at 170bpm) so it is tight (stretches 1 bar). I have then cut it up using the hit points and divided into slices as per the hit points. But of course, they need to be quantised as I cannot move the slices around otherwise and the hit points are not exactly on the grid. But when I try to quantise it or stretch each slice to hit straight notes, I just get a load of clicks on playback. I've also tried to do the same using Kontact 3 (sliced up beats, assigned each slice to a note and imported the midi file into Cubase) but again, as I try to quantise or re-draw the notes to hit the grid, it plays back with clicking. Please can somebody give me some tips on what I should do.....:confused:
Many thx