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Hi, i'm new to this forum but have been a huge fan of Jungle and D & B for many years. I first became interested in this kind of music through a friend in 1994ish. My first expierience was listening to Mickey Finn @ the edge, Rat Pack, Mindwarp (Ratty) and various others it blew my mind and still makes me rush today when I'm totally sober. I enjoy old skool and think many of the DJ's are housing the mixes up too much these days, they don't seem to be as hard and enjoyable as they used to be.

Anyway to the point. I borrowed some tapes from a friend with a mix at the beging of the first tape I could not believe. This was roughly about 1996 the tape was a four set live from the hippodrome I think, with DJ NAS on at some point. The mix began with the forumula 1 tune with Take me up mixed through it. I absolulety loved it but cannot seem to remember the exact title of the tapes or what the tune is called. Can anyone help me find this?


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try and get the name of the rave, if the MC says it. then have a look to see if there any google references for those parties that year, go looking fro sets or 'tracklists' from there.
best of luck, you may need it dude

ps - totally agree bout ze hardcore energy daze