DnB Please help to ID some dubplates late 90s - early 2000s


Feb 22, 2015
Starting again with some more dubs from my boxes. Much more to come this year.
Mostly from late 1990s to early 2000s.
I hope somebody can help again. Thank you in advance!
Info in ( ) is the writing on Label/sleeve.

All files at once:

dub100126 (Damien / Main Source)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100126a/uZR/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100126b/tOK/

dub100127 (Activate / Da Blizzard)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100127a/VFe/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100127b/zAb/

dub100128 (Defrigativ)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100128b/Mxs/

dub100129 (Earwig)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100129b/Mn5/

dub100130 (Dark / Once Again)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100130a/Xym/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100130b/91Q/

dub100131 (Lost In Holaway)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100131a/X53/

dub100133 (?)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100133b/aYy/

dub100134 (House Dance)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100134b/O2g/

dub100135 (?)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100135a/UN8/

dub100137 (Jump Up / Liquid)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100137a/NbZ/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100137b/ANS/

dub100138 (Star Treckin) has a Trouble on Vinyl label
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100138a/TjX/

dub100143 (This Time)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100143b/uZR/

dub100144 (? / ?) Smokey Joe?
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100144a/UqD/ ----> Smokey Joe - It Ain't Hip Hop
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100144b/pcd/ ----> Facs - Being (Remix)

dub100147 (?)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100147b/OG1/

dub100148 (Thunder) Blue on Thunder Label?
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100148a/3w5/

dub100150 (Exo / Jawz)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100150a/c23/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100150b/5QB/

dub100151 (?)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100151a/PgW/

dub100154 (When I) D'Cruze?
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100154b/yEx/ ----> Unknown Artist - When I (Thunder 001)

dub100155 (K+J Seven Remix)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100155a/Jz8/

dub100156 (Always / Taktix)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100156a/Kvk/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100156b/GiC/

dub100157 (Aqua)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100157a/LF2/

dub100158 (?)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100158b/I2r/
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