DnB Please help to ID some dubplates late 90s - early 2000s Part 20


Feb 22, 2015
Next part of my dubplates. Mostly from late 1990s to early 2000s.
I hope somebody can help again. Thank you in advance!
Info in ( ) is the writing on Label.

dub100207 (Bizzydig) Digital?
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100207b/RLU/

dub100561 (Roller)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100561b/t7j/

dub100567 (Cali Haccore Ruff)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100567a/BlK/

dub100571 (?)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100571b/uj6/

dub100576 (Paul Hard)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100576a/9qR/

dub100584 (Carpit Amen / Untitled)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100584a/dIS/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100584b/kyZ/

dub100593 (Trip On Love)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100593b/nsg/

dub100605 (Heavy RMX / ?)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100605a/mS8/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100605b/1XI/

dub10610 (Bio Statics)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100610a/GMQ/

dub100619 (The Sun / Inertia)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100619a/ehQ/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100619b/kaH/

dub100623 (Hoamy)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100623a/py9/

dub100633 (Check Talent)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100633b/daV/

dub100636 (Brett) has an Mix n Blen Label
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100636b/hdb/

dub100643 (Cold Steel) G-Squad / Supply & Demand?
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100643b/W4f/

dub100653 (La Cosa Nostra) G-Squad?
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100653b/PSy/

dub100654 (PBB RMX) Potential Bad Boy?
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100654b/bDB/

dub100656 (Stress / Flex)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100656a/mFU/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100656b/Rai/

dub100657 (Tekken)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100657a/CPe/

dub100658 (Kenny Ken VIP / Scottie) Subnation Scottie Remix?
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100658a/wem/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100658b/Wxj/

dub100674 (B.Stomp) DJ SS?
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100674a/nEo/

dub100683 (Alpha Killer)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100683b/jhS/

dub100686 (?)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100686a/JVG/

dub100690 (Rippa)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100690a/whs/

dub100691 (?)
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100691b/675/

dub100697 (Pacman / Bass Pump)
A https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100697a/mby/
B https://hearthis.at/stef-kv/dub100697b/nfj/
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Da Neck

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Dec 7, 2020
I'm afraid I don't know any of this. But isn't it the case that every vinyl has a catalogue number engraved at its centre that you should trace?
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