PLEASE HELP! Searching for the name of this TUNE!


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Dec 27, 2010
Hi people.

Im really hoping someone can help me out here, I am trying to locate the name of an old D&B tune

Its an old skool drum and bass track around 1994-1996 I have not got alot to go on and I have exausted all other means of trying to find the name of this tune.

All I can remember is that it had a wicked bass line with the sample ''its getting closer'' Not like singing its getting closer, the sample was in a whispering voice.. Its getting closer....closer, its getting closer, with a hard and heavy B- Line

Thats all I have to go on!!?? I know its not a lot but maybe someone has it in there record collection or is a connoisseur and knows it or something

There was another track that I had been searching for, for ages and I recently found it, it is called ''Blackout by Todd Terry'' Man that track used to rock my world! Bad tune! The track im searching for now has a similar bassline to Blackout fast and heavy. Check it out on youtube.... Todd Terry - Blackout

Cheers for your time


Sorry this is a double post as i only noticed this part of the forum after i posted in the general section.

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