Please help!! Need to know this song.

I've just gone through about 200+ song samples from an online 12" store and couldn't find it. It's a drum n bass song that I heard at Coachella, Ed Rush & Optical play on New Years 2005, and most recently at a small DnB club in Hollywood. Each time I'm so into the music I forget to ask the DJ for the track (like they need me annoying them anyways). The best way I can explain it is, its sort of a dark DnB hardstep song with a melody that is very similar to Underworld's REZ playing through out it. The high pitched "squelch" melody sort of sounds like a distorted guitar playing high notes. The song has tons of energy and always has the crowd go crazy. So that's why I figured it had to be on some top 10 DnB record list, but so far no luck. If you think you may know what song I'm talking about, please PM me or post a reply. Thank you.