Drum & Bass Please help me identify this track!


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Hello everyone. I have a problem here identifying this track name and artist. at 00:20 CEST+1, the 26th of April i was listening to Di.fm live radio in the DnB section, and i came across this track i got a recording of.


I had a couple of people hearing this track and helping me to find out who the artist was and what the artist was playing. Ive searched di.fm's calendars to go through podcasts that should have played at the time it was 00:20 in Copenhagen time. None has had any luck yet identifying this track, plus we tried some different soundtrack/wave song identification softwares and yet no luck, so ill try on different forums now. Please help me!

Btw if you listen to this track in the link, you'll notice some weird sounds in the background. it was because i was playing WoW while recording and didn't think about turning that sound down.

Notice! i have no intentions of stealing or copying this tracks copyrights or anything near this, my intentions is to find out who the artist is, and eventually find out what the track is called, or how to find it if its a remix or anything like this.