DnB PLEASE help, (jump up) 2 tracks


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Jan 1, 2012
Okay two tracks im trying to find only remember hearing them.

the first has a sample in it where a man says: are you afraid to die, or do you want to go to heaven, tell me, Whats wrong with you? o_O - or some shit.
it sounds very spooky allmost like dark jumpup, and played a,ot on winamp a few years back.

the second was on a tape which had mc spooky and mc raw, whoever the fk they are. And was very creepy dark tune, had a sample of a woman at the start saying something like 'locking and locked' - asif they tacking some alien or some shit. the tune had church bells and wolfs howling in it. but it wasent wolf.

I doubt this is much help, but if anyone knows what im going on about tell mee track names and i'l put 20 quid in your paypal accounts on giving me the correct track id.

Cheers guys
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