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Manu Forti

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Hey mate i see no ones helping you out here so ill see if i can give u some advice

ok so the drums sound a bit repetitive mabye try layering another beat over them thats a bit different.

the bass lines not bad but again mabye a little repetitive and id try n get a nice sub to fit under that.

i like nice atmospheres in my drum n bass so you could try and add a pad just to make it more intresting... but i do like the drone at the start sounds cool.

i imagine this is one of your first tracks so dont feel shit that it aint perfect just keep trying man, im pretty new to this aswell so i aint no expert, good attempt.


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This track really has potential but you'll have to work on some things. The repetitiveness is probably the biggest problem, just adding some different hihat-patterns or another synth sound might help already. The second and probably the most important problem is your overall EQ. There's hardly any high-end in the track.
The idea I get when I listen to this track is that it should be something repetitive, but with this nice catchy beat under it so it doesn't get boring and just keeps going. For example this track , if your skip to 1:00 a melody and a drum start that go on for 2:30 without changing at all. But it doesn't get repetitive because they've layered all kinds of hits and pads on top of the main track. Try doing that, work on your EQ and this track'll be great.
Anyway, keep up the good work!


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good vibe on this just doesnt have much clarity its a bit muddy and low. (like duttymonster said) needs some moar high ends it sounds like i cant hear it properly. good vibe tho like i said defiantly got something going on