Please can anyone ID these? (audio supplied)

I have upped some sets which I need some track IDs for - anyone help please?

First up - and the longest out of the three - is Kemistry and Storm @ Amazon 1995 with MC Bassman. I am sure that most people will know the IDs for this, but it's the second and third tunes I am after (Bassman starts off with his 'sounds like a bird' and 'stepping into the darkness vocals' just before MC Phantom steps up)...any help greatly appreciated. :teeth:


Second is a snippet from Brockie and MC Det @ Telepathy in 1995 or 1996 - it's the first and second tunes of his set and the bassline on the opener is sheer class...sounds Undiluted but not sure.


Thirdly, a pair of tunes from a Grooverider set at The Future in Leicester (what is now the Formation night) with MC Flux. The first tune I am sure has had a recent remix but I'm not 100% sure, but it has a wonderful old skool funk / soul brass breakdown and then drops into what sounds like Philly Blunt / V or even Formation-type vibes...but again I could be wrong!


One shot in the dark - anyone know of a vocal tune from around 1994, jungle tune with building amens, that had a vocal in something like: 'and if a kiss can touch a me....and now I think my love will meeee......when you kiss me.....the sky begins to faaaaaaaaalllll....I guess it's not that feeling after aaaalllll!' Good huh? OK, it's not...but maybe one of you will recognise it! :laughing:

Cheers in advance...any help would be great - and I aim to put some tape rips on my site some Kool FM and Ruud Awakening (and Rude FM from 1993-4) if possible.

drifta :rolf: