Playing out for the first time any last minute advice?


soul muscle
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Jul 14, 2011
Playing a b2b set tonight in front of a largely shrillex hugging audience. None the less wanting to put in the best effort possible. Anyone got any advice which will set us on the track to greatness?

Cheers :)
the only bit of advise i can give which i learnt, if something goes tits up, just keep calm and carry on like nothing has happened!!
if you fuck up a mix, just switch, no point listening to you try and get it in time!
first impressions are important, so start off with a tune which will get everyone in the mood. i think the first track of a dj plays an important role for the 'clubbing audience', as they will decide if they want to keep dancing or better go and have a couple of drinks first.

have fun. be confident.
pre-plan your first three tunes but have about three different combinations of pre planned tunes incase the dj before you ends with your first selection......get them right and usually everything falls into that after three mixes you should have got accustomed to the set up and sound and if you pull them off without a hitch your confidence should be up there......main thing is have fun..enjoy it......also smile and watch the crowd....if you fuck up chances are not everyone notices unless its a really bad fuck up like stopping the wrong tune lol....weve all done that....oh...dont get pissed or buzzing before you go on.

i played a set last sat and went on before total science...they was behind the booth the whole time so i was a bit nervous but i just played tunes, enjoyed myself and every time i turned around they was either talking to someone or getting there tunes ready......i fucked up once.....i dropped the bass on one channel before crossing over and forgot to turn it back so when the next mix crossed over there was no one person in the place noticed except got to remember on a proper system mistakes are easily disguised.

good luck tho mate...hope it goes well for ya
if you fuck up a mix, just switch, no point listening to you try and get it in time!

disagree with this, i always think if you fuck up a mix slightly keep it in until you get it. at least it shows you can correct mistakes? i agree with it if its just an abomination though.!
the main thing i would say, that has been said before, is if u fuck up a mix, dont try and correct it. Just switch to the main tune. Its ok for bedroom djing and infront of ur mates, but a crowd aint gonna wanna listen to 20 seconds of an un-beatmatched mix.

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yea my last comment does relate to truely fuckup mixes, if its just slightly out thats no biggy n the crowd probably wont even notice...
To quote from one of my favourite films, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

Don't rush about or you will only put yourself on edge and knock over a monitor or something, just remember you DJ because you enjoy it, so enjoy it already!
best bit of advice mate - enjoy yourself and dont worry if you make a mistake as 99 times out of 100 its only you that notices anyway ;)

good luck
ive found a cheeky dab can really help ya set funnily enough lol


I find skinning up before a set can go either way. Either i get so into the mix i pull it off really well, or i just get flippant and have a proper cant be assed attitude lol

In all honesty little bit of mandy, like a beer or 2 first isnt a bad shout. IMO zoots before playing out really is a bit hit or miss, best left til after (or your comedown after the night ;))
Yeah i sometimes get a bot scatty and clumsey when im stoned, tend to just get pissed!!

Used to have a fair few before i went on, went to DJ in manchester, night was dead anyway so ended up having a few to many and played a shite set because i was drunk! Never again! one or two pints, maybe a dab of mandy and im game! :)
2 or 3 drinks = relaxed if ur not anyway and a good set, anymore than that is not a good idea..

I find first 3 tunes ill feel a bit nervous until you can see the crowd reacting and you start to get into it then not worrying about it!
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