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Ive been asked by a friend to play a night out. Im not new to djin really, ive been playin about 4 years but i have never had the balls to play out. I was just wonderin if any one could give me and hints n tips? like what to look out for n Shit. Its down EQ so if anyone has managed to play down there whats it like to play in? what the decks like n do i need to take anything other than records n needles? also what to do if say i fuck up in a set?( not that it will, honest)


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the more u worry about it, the more u r bound to fuck up.
u will probably have nerves at first, but u gotta make sure if the equipment is of less good standard, make sure that u adapt to using it rapid and can produce good effects and results wit. if not, u will get panicky that its shit, and in turn ur set will go bad. watch the crowd, make sure they enjoy it, and see wot tunes go down well.
if the crowd start to get bored, put in sum jumpy stuff, to try and get em movin. if that doesnt work, jus keep playin and keep calm an do ur best.

if u do fuck up a bit, blame the some of the equipment. but if the equipment boh, say sum shit that ur ill or summink. u always gotta remember that wot u think cud be slightly out of time and soundin awful to u, is often not noticed by many people.

neways, that enuff from me.

good luck