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Jan 14, 2009
I just wanna say BIG UPS to the camp behind these labels for the recent massive output of releases!

They just seem to keep on comin week after week and imo they are all high quality releases

I know these are all closely related labels, but they are all clearly being run to perfection, its just great to see so many big tunes being made avaliable to the public so quickly and getting releases

If you have a look at the recent output of these labels, and what is already lined up for promo in the future (even in the next few weeks) you will see what I mean

So big ups to everyone at the Playaz camp, keep up the good work!
yeah big up, but, quickly, i was waiting (lol) for wait for it for about a year an half
yeah big up, but, quickly, i was waiting (lol) for wait for it for about a year an half

Yeah with the exception of quite a few Hazard dubs ...

Not too sure why that is though :confused:

But the main thing is, look at the fucking output in the last month!

Huge number of big releases!

And I'm very pleased to hear Iced / Demolition Man is on the way :)

As well as 2 for 1!
My fav sublabel/label whatever of these guys is Ganja Tek-With the exception of Jamal's Splatter Patterns release all the tunes on G-Tek are fucking good. It's high quality techstep. Much respect to Prolix all of his tunes are good or amazing, deserves more props.
liqweed ganjas got some very good edgy/darker liquid producers on the books.

they are a well run camp (the whole lot) and rival hospital in terms of image i think.

Hospital is still the best run label in the business... but is really losing its edge lately.

However i heard cyantific is coming up with a new lp.. any truth to this?
I think Hospital have let their selves go a bit lately, for me only the Future Sound of Cambridge compilation had stood out over the last couple months, and even on that only Rack It, Balaclava and Cosmonaught stood out I think

The latest bit from Logistics is big though, bit of a return to previous form for the label
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