Playaz Digital Volume 1


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Embracing the digital age like a long lost son, the Playaz camp is proud to present the first in a series of exclusive digital bundles where you can get your grubby mitts on some of the latest and greatest tracks from across the Real Playaz Empire.

Each volume will be compiled by a different artist from the Playaz family and will contain 10 premiere tracks all for the bargain basement price of £4.99. Kicking off the series (22.06.2009) comes label boss DJ Hype with a huge selection of some of the best moments from the Real Playaz catalogue.

Playaz Digital vol. 1 - Released 22.06.2009

01: Potential Badboy ‘You’re Mine’
02: DJ Hype ‘Coming In Good’
03: G Dub ‘Tink Ya Bad’
04: DJ Hazard ‘Use Your Brain’
05: Potential Badboy ‘123 Go’
06: DJ Hazard ‘Trouble Maker’
07: G Dub ‘Forever’
08: DJ Hype, J Majik and Wickaman ‘Dubplate Killa (Double Drop Remix)’
09: DJ Hype ‘Out For the Loot’
10: DJ Hazard ‘Murder Tonight’