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Aug 18, 2011
You've done the work. You've spent all week stressing, sweating and breaking your back for the big bad machine. Now it's time to down tools and PLAY.
Genres: DnB/ House &Techno

Shy Fx
Stamina MC
Stun London

Technique vs
Tech Le Tron

Heading the main room for the Stun London crew are very special guests and drum and bass king pins, SHY FX & STAMINA MC.
Shy FX is, without question, one of the original pioneers of the Jungle and Drum & Bass scenes; a true innovator for dance music across the globe. Shy's career has spanned almost twenty years, cementing his name in both the underground and mainstream folk-law. A true stalwart, Shy continues to maintain his legendary status, whilst staying true to his art form, staying relevant and at the forefront of eclectic dance music.
Stamina is, by now, no stranger to the stage or to the studio. It was 2000 when he got his first break, and in the years that followed he has played at some of the most well-known festivals in the world, was responsible for voicing two Top Twenty tracks, and fronted two much revered live shows in the form of 'London Elektricity Live' and 'CPF Live'. Currently he is performing regularly as a result of being MC of choice for both DJ Marky and Shy FX. He also hosts one of Rinse FM's only Drum & Bass shows weekly on a Tue night/Wed morning, getting back to lesser-known roots in DJing. For the future expect more vocal outings in a multitude of genres, production under the long-dormant alias of 'Armour', and DJ sets.
The Stun London collective will get the party started... On the terrace, the electronic house flavours flow courtesy of the Technique and Tech Le Tron families and special guests - expect a proper work out from them on Friday night...

Take a look at Radio 1's track of the week Featuring ShyFx


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