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This is the 10 year anniversary of the legendary drum n bass collaboration PLANET OF THE DRUMS! For the FIRST TIME EVER IN RICHMOND, POTD will surely make this one night you will never forget! The Dieselboy show on July 4th was just a sample of how incredible this event will be! Kings Castle Entertainment is providing the sickest sound and lights RVA has seen! Shit is gonna be INSANE!!!
Also...blessing the decks for the first time in Richmond is TRILLBASS.....if you like your dub dirty and grimy then you definitely want to check these guys out!
Here's a bio for them just in case you want to familiarize yourself with them more.....

---From the corner to the block, the members of Trill Bass have been putting it down for years. This hard hitting trio has one shared life mission: to produce and deliver hard hitting, head banging, chest romping BASS to the masses. Regionally spanning Worldwide and experientially spanning from Punk and Metal to Ghetto Rap to Drum N' Bass to Electro and everything in between, Swytch, 2Sense, Claw, and DJ Lord have the influence and know-how to drop the big bass and make you shake..

Born and bred in Birmingham, Alabama, Swytch was a bass head from the start. Rocking NWA from an early age, he eventually got into punk and metal bands, thirsty for that hard hitting experience. After realizing the hardships of recording and being in bands, the solitude of the turn tables lured him into the Drum N' Bass scene. Ever since his start, Swytch has been a formidable presence on many electronic music scenes ranging from the Dirty South to Vancouver, to the West Coast and countless places in-between; bringing it hard in performances from live in clubs and radio stations to his studio productions.

Returning to his roots in Birmingham, Alabama from conquering studios and pillaging cities in the North, 2Sense was flexing his guns in the electronic music scene. Getting his start in all things bass and a philosophy of challenging the norm, 2Sense had established himself as a skilled producer and promoter with a unique flavor. Perfecting his skills in the studio, 2Sense honed the tools and know how he needed to push the envelope: walking the fence of all music, melding and meshing together the greatest of all styles, while at the same time putting the new school 2Sense grimey ghetto twist. Once meeting at a party in the Birmingham scene, 2Sense and Swytch immediately recognized the potential of a collaborative effort. Eventually, Trill Bass evolved out of the groundbreaking early applications and resulting passionate bass.

After discovering his claw could be used for more than heavy guitar riffs and wailing on the drums, Claw traded in his instruments and band drama for a set of tables and sample CDs. Experiencing Norway as a soft shell, Claw returned to the Western World with a tasty selection of the European scene, making him an adaptable crustacean. Claw uses his mighty pincher and knowledgeable skills to produce and mix that most desirable pearl of the electronic ocean: bass with no limits.

On leave from his condo conch in the Atlantic Ocean, Claw had ventured to Miami for Winter Music Conference at the same time as Swytch & 2Sense. The three like-minded and talented musical vigilantes instantaneously abandoned their isolationist ways and joined forces, for the bass. Trill Bass is all about it, they can not be confined by genre. It’s the source of all genres. Made up of three incredable masters of bass with a unified world vision, Trill Bass is more than a collaborative effort, it is taking applications for YOUR enlistment, recruiting true Bassheads to join the ranks of the movement.

In mid 2008 world famous DJ Lord of pioneering hip hop group Public Enemy joined the Trill team. With incredible scratching, pinpoint mixing and production, Lord creates a whole new facet to the Trill Bass sound. Whether in the studio or on the road Dj'ing or rocking the Live P.A, its always something new and exciting. Look forward to many new sounds and ideas coming from the camp soon!

Now stationed in the City of Angels, Birmingham 'Dirty South' Alabama, Atlanta, GA, and Sin City itself, Trill Bass has you surrounded and will never give up spreading the gospel of bass until the very rings of atmosphere surrounding the earth reverberate. The next time Trill Bass rolls through your town, get ready to ride into the sunrise on some seriously righteous BASS. So put up your drinks and enjoy, and all hail the BASS warriors!---