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    Hype and Pascal present the latest EP from Placid - relative newcomers to the Playaz camp - following on from 'Particles/Invasion' which established Brighton/London duo Paul and Kelvin as a force to be reckoned with when it hit the clubs last year.

    The EP opens with Light Years': on this tune Placid's trademark sick drums and Xils-lab synths meet euphoric beats with a slightly housey vibe. Bouncy, atmospheric title track 'Perception' really looks to take this summer by storm.

    'Derailed' is deranged beats and again cheeky, echoing keys - Placid really does challenge the boundaries of traditional dnb - and finally 'Route 666' follows up the rear and gets dirty and grimy, with evil vocal samples and engine roar reverb demonstrating that Placid have more than one trick to their trade.

    Get into these guys before they get huge. Cos as they say, it's the placid ones you have to watch out for...

    01: Light Year
    02: Perception
    03: Derailed
    04: Route 666

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    Released by: Playaz Recordings
    Release/catalogue number: PLAYAZ037
    Release date: May 20, 2013
    ISRC: GB-LSB-13-00013
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