Pirated building to be finished before the original in China


dirty breaks


A Beijing building project
by London-based architect
Zaha Hadid is proving so
popular that the structure
is being pirated elsewhere
in the country.
Hadid's Wangjing Soho is an office and
retail complex which uses three curved
towers to echo the intricate movements
of Chinese fans. But, according to Der
Spiegel, the architect's firm is being
forced to compete with pirates to get the
original structure finished before the
"Even as we build one of Zaha's projects,
it is being replicated in Chongqing," said
Zhang Xin, the property developer who
commissioned the structure. "Everyone
says that China is a great copycat country,
and that it can copy anything."
Hadid herself seems a little more relaxed
about the use of her work, provided the
results contain a certain amount of
innovation, saying "that could be quite
The project director for the Wangjing
Soho, Satoshi Ohashi, added that without
the detailed architectural plans the
building could only ever be an
approximation of the original.
"It is possible that the Chongqing pirates
got hold of some digital files or renderings
of the project," said Ohashi. "[From
these] you could work out a similar
building if you are technically very
capable, but this would only be a rough
simulation of the architecture."
Hadid's Wangjing Soho is scheduled for
completion in 2014.



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they just implemented copyright 2001 when i was over there and my adventures on the counterweight continent were largely based around finding pirated dvds and ps1 games. also, prositutues and kareoke is apparently the same thing, which i had to learn the hard way.