Pioneer DJM-500 bass EQ going/gone...

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So the bass EQ on channel 3 of my pioneer djm-500 went a few months ago, so I've switched to channels 2 + 4... and now I've noticed channel 2 seems to be buzzing a bit and sometimes the bass will be on when i've turned it down...

I've read a bit on google and found it's a common problem with the connections to become dry and just need re-soldering...

So, anyone every done it? Is it an easy job? I've got basic soldering skills and have a couple of mates who are electricians/engineers who may be able to help... But would it be better to send it to someone who has done this sort of things before (i.e. are pioneer mixers tricky?)...

any info/experience appreciated!
for anyone interested who has a similar problem... this is due to overuse of the EQ dials... The solution is to take the top plate off, unscrew the EQ dials, re-solder the connectors, and screw the nut back on so it is tight, not loose... It happens because the nut comes loose, then the connections pull apart.
Big up for this. Also happened to mine but didn't know how to fix the problem. Is your mixer fine now? No replacement parts ect?
nope, no replacement parts, just paid an electrician £25 to re-solder it... its better than it has ever been.
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