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Pinecone Moonshine 006a
One Year Anniversary Remix EP
Formication :: Fracture :: Indidjinous :: Takeshi Nakamura :: Sub

Pinecone Moonshine's anniversary release ranges from an acoustic guitar transformed into a harrowing noise assault by Formication to deep, atmospheric drum and bass by Fracture and Indidjinous to alien robot dance music from Takeshi Nakamura to a melodic piece by Sub using minimal synthetic drums. Stylistic differences aside, this is a cohesive collection that conjures gray skies, barren futuristic planets, and pushing back against the daily grind.

A. Formication - Rust
B. TVG Hates TVG - Rusted Instruments (Fracture Remix)
C. TVG Hates TVG - Wasting Away (Indidjinous Remix)
D. TVG Hates TVG - A Day Without Caffeine (Takeshi Nakamura Remix)
E. [NSF] Destroy2k - Soul Cooper (Sub Remix)

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Pinecone Moonshine 006b
Formication - The Supreme Spirit of Decay

Formication creates auditory chaos with their remix: Rust. Long builds of 4/4 pulsing kicks drop into a wall of distorted, filtered noise with glimpses of the original acoustic guitar as it is chopped morphed and turned inside out. The next four remixes dive deep into the atmosphere with both morphing ambients and down-tempo break work. Formication's unique style is present through the entire piece.

A. Formication - Rust
B. Formication - The Cold Dead
C. Formication - Saint's Remains
D. Formication - Lost in the Woods
E. Formication - Erosion

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