[Pinecone Moonshine Vinyl 017] Greenleaf, Phuture-T, Earl Grey, and Metro (Jungle, Drumfunk)


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Jun 25, 2004
Pinecone Moonshine 048 / Vinyl 017
Remixes I

A. Greenleaf - Forward Motion (Phuture-T Remix)
B. Phuture-T - Ominous Maze (Earl Grey Remix)
C. Metro - MHC (Ibiza Mix)
D. K-Chaos - Visible (Hidden Element Remix) [digital]


Phuture-T dials up Dub and Drumfunk from the samples of Greenleaf’s New Orleans influenced track, Forward Motion. The beats are more broken and the effect delays are longer. The signature interview recording has been chopped and used as downbeats on the progression changes.

With melodic and rolling percussion, Earl Grey creates a cheerful vibe to start the Ominous Maze remix. The intro leads straight into the body of the track when the contrabass becomes the dominant instrument making the tone tougher. The drum breaks transition through several change ups and syncopated edits.

Metro gives MHC a new treatment with extra field recordings and an extended break down. The Jungle influence is stronger with bigger, funkier subs. Classic break beats are layered with sound effects and noises all supporting the main rhythm of the bassline.

Hidden Element deconstructs K-Chaos’s Visible into a mid-tempo, techno influenced track. Only fragments of the original drum work can be identified having been incorporated into secondary rhythms behind the strong kick drum pattern. The progression builds with layers reaching a summit and winds down to just a sparse beat and ambience for an extended outro.

Vinyl mastering by Beau: www.teneightsevenmastering.co.uk
Tracks mastered by Macc : www.scmastering.com
Artwork by Scratch and Line: www.instagram.com/scratchandline


Nic :drums:
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