Pinecone Moonshine :: Relapse + Greenleaf (Ambient Drum Funk and Choppage)


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Jun 25, 2004
Pinecone Moonshine 014
Down the Sun EP
Relapse :: Greenleaf


Release Page:

A. Relapse - Do the Crab
B. Greanleaf - J'ai Dit Rien (featuring Meg Roussel)
C. Greanleaf - Never Let Go
D. Relapse - Down the Sun


Relapse sets a fast pace with the EP starting with a mixture of moods ultimately leading to drum choppage, interesting change ups, and a quirky digital sound. Greenleaf contributes two tracks which represent the melancholy ambient Drum Funk sound that Pinecone Moonshine started out with. These tracks change up between several classic breaks without distracting from the flow of the long background harmonics. The EP wraps with the title track: a large distorted score layered with fragmented drums. Watch the sub movement on this one.
Look for Do the Crab next month on our next round of self-distributed vinyl.

Digibeat vs Pinecone Moonshine 002
Sense of Spring
Eschaton :: Jiva


A. Sense of Spring (Beginning)
B. Sense of Spring (Ending)

Release Page:

Digibeat Music and Pinecone Moonshine team up again to bring you two takes on Eshaton and Jiva's Sense of Spring: an ambient track layered with beats and subtle uplifting melodies. Eschaton's Beginning adds a heavy half-step beat and deeper pads while Jiva's Ending adds broken amen fragments and a dry, filtered bassline.


All tracks mastered by Macc (
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