Pinecone Moonshine Artist Mix - Fada (Jungle/Drumfunk)

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    In anticipation of Fada's next release, Cut by 20, out on August 12, Pinecone Moonshine presents a mix of his contributions to various projects on the label. Available to download or stream.

    Fada - Cut by 20 is a four track EP built on sharp funk breaks dominated by the kicks and snares. Subtle growling bass sounds and layers of instruments manipulated into drones sparsely arranged as if improvised make a mostly inharmonic backdrop.

    A. Vapours (Re-Edit) [PCMS034]
    B. Decay [PCMS022]
    C. Cut by 20 [PCMS034]
    D. Grey Area [PCMS005]
    E. Transient Thought [PCMS034]
    F. Run [PCMS019]
    G. Vapours [PCMS013]
    H. Brushes [PCMS034]

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    - Nic