[Pinecone Moonshine 049] Sonar Waves (Atmospheric DnB, Drumfunk)


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Jun 25, 2004
Pinecone Moonshine 049
Sonar Waves - Illusionary World


A. Illusionary World
B. Light Orbs


Illusionary World opens with a dense chords alternating every ten seconds as a rusty, compressed drum break filters in. Square wave sub drops in pushing the low-end weight. This is Sonar Waves’s style: large atmospheric pads blended with aggressive, raw drum breaks, filters, and big bass stabs.

Light Orbs features a snappier drum break than Illusionary World with erratic, distorted hi-hats over a subtle chord progression. The kick drum drives the rhythm as filters break up the high end. A brassier drum break alternates with the main break going into the second half.

Mastered by Macc. : www.scmastering.com
Artwork by Scratch and Line: https://www.instagram.com/scratchandline/

Thanks :drums:
- Nic
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