[Pinecone Moonshine 041] Metro - Thursday (170 bpm/Bass, Dub, Amen)

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    Pinecone Moonshine 041
    Metro - Thrusday


    A. London
    B. Box
    C. Spoon
    D. MHC
    E. Thursday

    Metro, who started the label Ortem this year, demonstrates how to use repetition in Drum and Bass in a non-mechanical way. These pieces are like Funk or Soul music that is mostly low frequency content. The opening track loops the word “London” through out most of the five minutes, allowing the sound to become an atmospheric or rhythmic element. Most of the energy is in large bass notes. And without any other percussion these few notes and the air between them make up the dominant rhythm. Drum patterns are a mixture of synthetic sounds and found or recorded excerpts.
    The second track, Box, focuses on three large bass kicks and one low pitched, echoing synth. An abrasive, inharmonic sound grows in strength before resetting the track to the original few elements.
    Spoon and MHC introduce break beats and even vocal shots. These elements are weaved into the unconventional drums hits and percussion sticking closely to the feel of the other tracks. The title track, Thursday, reveals Metro's use of sampling in a raw way. Dusty vinyl and noise from ungrounded or bad wiring are forward in the mix. The main rhythm sounds like small snippets of a dragging record needle.
    Tracks mastered by Macc : www.scmastering.com


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