[Pinecone Moonshine 040] K-Chaos - Scene (160bpm, Techno Dnb, Drumfunk)


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Pinecone Moonshine 040
K-Chaos - Scene


A. Looking Glass
B. Rock
C. Scene
D. Scene (Eschaton Re-Majig)

Looking Glass, like an early Jungle track, switches between 4/4 kicks and classic breaks. The sustained synths range from low, murky bass to cheerful atmospherics.
At 174bpm, Rock is in a faster tempo but still predominantly working the 4/4 kick drum pattern. Reminiscent of arrangements used in Techno, some transitions change without being obvious while others are meant to be noticed.
Scene also feels fast with synthetic percussion and a steppy rhythm. Under the beats are growling noise and swells of bass. Sound effects are mostly adding to percussion and only rarely used as harmony.
Eschaton's remix of Scene replaces the synthetic percussion with an aggressive, distorted break beat. In place of the low noise is tight successions of sub bass notes. The second half brings out more harmonies before going back into just drums and sub.

Released 29 January 2016.
Mastered by Macc (www.scmastering.com).


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