Pinecone Moonshine 01 out now. Free Experimental/Ambient DnB


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I am very excited to finally have my label Pinecone Moonshine up and ready for the public. Every few months we will have a fresh release of experimental/ambient drum and bass.

[PCMS001] Wasting Away On a Seaweed Farm/These Ugly Thoughts

Wasting Away on a Seaweed Farm begins with textures of noise building. The drums filter in and drop into the sparse but weighty sub. As the track progresses, new elements of noise, spacey pads, and another distinct drum break move the main drums through several edits.

Ambient pads and a subtle half-step break start off These Ugly Thoughts. Bring in the distorted bass kicks and the track quickly drops into a thrashy, rolling drum break backed by a punchy sub. Short interludes of 4/4 bass kicks and reverbed amen edits break up the flow but leave the focus on the movement of the main drums.

* A. TVG Hates TVG - Wasting Away On a Seaweed Farm (6:20) : [sample]
* B. TVG Hates TVG - These Ugly Thoughts (5:55) : [sample]

All tracks mastered by Macc. :slayer:

Download free at:
Pinecone Moonshine (