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time for heroes.
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Had a good idea. Yes it was all mine. No-one influenced me! LOL cough1992cough.................................. No nastiness to me please.... thankyouuuuu




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This is me providing a lightshow at a techno party where I got paid peanuts. This was the last time I did this because on the way home I was so overtired I crashed into the side of the road. This was from ~4 years ago I think. The techno/jungle/whatever scene is really shit because your not treated as someone who provides a valuable service. The DJ aspect is exactly same way (although I thought it wouldn't be at first). If the scene was run more professionally (like a Medical, Vet, or lawyers office) this wouldn't be a problem and people would get paid properly for their contracted services. Untill then everyone will take advantage of you because theres too many unprincipled people in this buisness. Unfortunatly I don't see change in this any time soon.

These two pics are from this past summer. I was invited to go fishing on my neighbors boat, as you can see here I caught a small weakfish. After these photos were taken I caught a large weakfish that was a keeper (of course theres no photo of that). The body of water in the background is the bay behind Island Beach State Park, NJ (thats the town just south of the famous Seaside Hts, you know where all the MTV bimbos hang out at). Yes its true, these are goofy photos, thats why its important to post them because not to many people on here will admit they have a life outside techno music. :slayer:

Ok I'm stepping off the soap box now ;)
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