Pics From Last NighT!

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23rd April Event Pics, and the events are getting bigger and better!

Big Up everyone who attended! Thanks for a wicked Night! We have Drum and Bass again In 1 weeks time and again on Friday May 7th so get yourselfs down to the Welsh Harp! Any bigger Dj's who would come do a cheap set to support the smaller dnb events please get in touch. Thanks!
Big Up for the regulars turning up!
Nice to see more ladies turn up this week!
Early arrivers and in the party mood!
Dj General Annoyance banging out the dirtyness as usual!
Lee the hat you wore mate got used by a few gurners as an ashtray by the end of the night! Safe for turning up, hope you all had a wicked night!
Blatently Lee Sly On the 1's and 2's - Usually playes Hip Hop but we got him to play drum and bass! Big Up!
I think Th eboys will all agree last night was about the girl in the red dress!
Dj Cody Big Up! Taking the treck from Cirencester each time to play for Aftershock Radio !
Crowd early at about 9pm
9.30 ish.
Crowd at 10pm
Crowd at 11pm - pretty hot and sweaty!
Dj Dangerous pon the dex! Wicked old school vibez
Dj Tipzee as usual true soldier, at each event, and even swapped his set to let Buddha play later, safe.
Mc Doni Business, wicked set again each and every time.
General Annoyance
At the beginning of the event........
And Oh Yes!! LOL. Big Up, attending each event true you need props! Spot the difference!
This is the 3rd event we have done now, and we have doubled the amount of people comin since we started a month ago! Lookin forward to the summer fo' real!
Good to see new faces aswell. Nice to know words getting around.
Aye Ooop Miss Represent
Nikki T spinning a heavy Set!
The One and Only Nikki T !


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a dial-up nightmare this page missrepresent, maybe a page-link next time for us 6kbps slows?
looks like a cool night, and early action is always best!!