Physics - Drum&Bass show on Basso FM 2/3/2015

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    Physics - Drum & Bass Show 02.03.2015

    Eastcolors: Dreams
    LJ High: robot skank
    FD: into you
    Boston: Catch Your Breath
    Physics: You Been On My Mind (Long Road LP)
    Jaybee & zere: Treating Me So Bad
    Physics & Oddsoul: Without You
    Payback & Soul Connection: Do You Know
    Physics ft. Dave Ashton: Little Teases
    LJ High: Denial
    Rowpieces: V like Vivacious
    Physics ft. Dave Ashton: Random Game (Long Road LP)
    Phat Playerz: Human (Fokuz)
    Chap & Andrezz ft. MC Fava and L-sides: It's a new world
    Muffler ft. Sansa: Cant Breathe (Spearhead)
    Physics: Real Changes
    Actraiser: Oceans
    Jaybee: Dirt Magirt [Shimon Remix] (mac 2)
    Random Heroes: Power
    Dj Phantasy: 44 Mag [Subzero Remix]
    Joe Nebula ft. Rachel Wallace: Twisted World (back2you)
    Calibre: Foregin Bodies
    Soul Intent: Sun Blade
    Lennie de ice: We are i.e [what ya looking at rerub]
    Malaky & Changing Faces: Devotion (Fokuz)
    Adele: Turning Tables [Bootleg Remix]
    Total Science: another time
    Soul Defiance: Chasing Dreams
    The Levels: Remember