Physics & Alpine - Beatniks Show on BASSO FM - 13.5.2011 (MP3)

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    Haven`t been on here in yonks so i tought id drop in and post our latest show! enjoy!

    download :


    1.Double O -Love Of Jah -Hidden Hawaii
    2.Electrosoul System - To my galaxy (Makoto remix) - KosMos music
    3.Subwave - 4th Illusion -Dub
    4.Kubiks - ?
    5.4 Hero - Morning Child (LAOS remix) - Reinforrced
    6.Furney - Highway 101 -Dub
    7.Marcus Intalex - Make A Raise - Soul:R
    8.Savage Rehab - Crowbar - V Recordings dub
    9.Smote - Genteel Poverty -Good Looking
    10.Alix Perez + Redeyes -Watching U - Soul:r
    11.Marcus Intalex & Spy -Paulista Dub -Soul:r
    12.System & Youngman -Hold It -Digital Soundbwoy
    13.Digital, Raiden and Outrage -Trash Humpers -Temah Technique
    14.Subwave -Aeeh -Metalheadz Dub?
    15.Arrested Development - Say My Name (Champagne Remix)
    16.Physics - Nafas Chant -Dub
    17.Aquasion -The First Discovery -Textures Music Group
    18.Physics -Sunset Song -Telluric Recordings
    19.Sabbia Featuring Wiosna -Soulmates (Physics Remix)
    20.Marcus Intalex - Celestial Navigation - Soul:r
    21.Furney - Spyro Gyro - Dub
    22.Physical Illusion -Tought Business -Dub
    23.Bladerunner - Take Me Higher -Truebass recordimgs
    24.Digital, Morphy, Raiden -CheekyTemah Technique
    25.Mr Joseph - Untouchable funk - V Recordings
    26.Lenzman + Jo S - Fade Away - Soul:r
    27.Physics - Dreamworld (Furi Anga Remix)