Phunkfiction Rec presents phunk007 Contour/Stunna


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Phunkfiction proudly presents
A: Contour - "Erratic Soul"
AA: Contour & Stunna "Can`t go back"
Release Date: June 2006

Even it is summertime, we want to attract you to the dancefloor with brandnew musical madness. Our next 12" includes two brilliant songs in the typical Phunkfiction manner. We signed two up and coming talents, which have proven their impressive abilities on labels like Phuzion, Jerona Fruits, Blindside, Strictly
Digital, Media, Cymbalism, Blu Saphir, Midnight Sun, Invader and more..

We talk about Contour from Helsinki (Finland) and Stunna from Chicago (USA).
We are proud to deliver to absolutely equal A-Sides which both couldn`t fit better to the Phunkfiction vibe.

On the A-Side, Contour brings us "Erratic Soul". A dream of a song with epic male vocals, adorable harmonies and the right portion of heavy Phunk&Bass at the right moment. The dancefloors showed us that we can`t be wrong with this lovely piece of music.

The flip is a collaboration of Contour and the one called DJ Stunna from Chicago USA. He made himself a name by winning a cover-CD release on the up & coming producer challenge started by knowledge magazine. On Phunkfiction these two bring us the second A-Side with the stunning tune "Can`t go back". Funky guitar
lick, panflutes, strings & chords, need we say more? A piano-line brings back some old school feelings without making it dusty. Phunky Future Sounds, as we like it

Both tunes are in the boxes of Nookie, LTJ Bukem, Kubiks & Lomax, A.I., High Contrast, Logistics, Syncopix, Danny Byrd, Amaning, Bass Tikal and many more....